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 I am so much more than a photographer. I am an adventurous travel enthusiast who loves love! I love the idea of storytelling through photos and being able to tell everyone’s unique love story. I few fun facts about me: 

- I love old movies! One of my favorite movies is "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

- In my free time I love to read a great romance novel, thrift some fun clothing or work on my novel.

- After graduating college I took myself to Greece for 17 days to live my Momma Mia Dreams! I snuck into a greek wedding and was able to learn a few dances and break a plate, "Ompah!"

- I grew up dancing competitively. My favorite types of dance is tap and hip hop.

Overall I am an open book and cherish my connection with my clients and do what I can to make them happy, comfortable, and feel nothing but stunning during our time together!

The moment I became obsessed with taking photos was a summer night in Crete, Greece in 2019. I traveled solo to Greece the summer after I graduated college. Before I left on my trip, my sister gave me a $200 digital camera which changed my life over 17 days abroad.

The camera was glued to my hands the entire trip! I had the best time making new friends on the trip by posing them and taking their picture! By the end of the trip I was hooked and realized maybe this is what I was meant to do in life. Fast forward to now, and I am a traveling wedding photographer with her dream job! There's nothing I'd rather do in this life! 

When you book with me you aren't just getting pretty photos-you get Me. My whole heart goes into documenting one of the most important times of your life and telling your story. I am your friend from the beginning & make shooting fun and easy. I do all I can to make you guys feel at ease so we can truly focus on capturing your love story! I will direct all the photos, bring snacks so you don't get hangry, bring safety pins for those "just in case moments", give you a piggy back ride if your feet hurt from your heels, laugh with you and feel with you. I am your girl and will do whatever I can to help make our time together nothing but special! 

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